Martin Sahlin swung by to spin a yarn about Unravel game!


Coldwood Creative Director Martin Sahlin swung by to spin a yarn about Unravel game, our fave bit of red fluff being afrayed of the epic tale ahead of him and more!

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Questions for Martin:

Via Nadia C:

  1. How many design iterations did Yarny go through before he was finalized into the character we ended up playing?
  2. Crabs, birds, machinery, electrocution! You monsters! 😉 Seriously though, how difficult was it to animate those grisly death/fail scenes?
  3. What does Coldwood have in store for us in the future?

Via Shareef Jackson:

  1. Did you design the platform mechanics first and then add visuals later? Or vice versa?
  2. How did you choose the length of the yarn? Was it longer / shorter in earlier versions?
  3. Have you played yoshi’s wooly world? If so, what do you think?

Via KalliMuse:

Could there ever be another game featuring Yarny? Or did Unravel cover everything that needed to be said?

Via Jay:

What was it like creating such detailed digital versions of real life environments?

Via Thain1982

  1. The soundtrack is perfect all the way through. Are there any plans to release it for sale?
  2. Is Yarny officially part of the Inquisition now, and will he be traveling to Tevinter?
  3. Was the epilogue planned from the beginning, or was it demanded after seeing the ending?
  4. Was there a deliberate attempt to make players want to protect Yarny?

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Tanya: Unravel, Dragon Age Inquisition, Dragon Age II

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No one likes a sad fluffy yarny! Don’t let him down! For our 40th episodes, we’re talking to  Unravel Game developer, Martin Sahlin on March 9th!

Because of time difference, we’ll be recording around 11am CST. So if you have questions for Martin, tweet us at OutOfTokensCast or email us at before 7pm Central US Time on March 8, 2016