ICYMI – We talked with @appleciderwitch about Overwatch’s Ana & her importance


On the importance of Ana in Overwatch, wanting more ladies in our gaming lives and more with Appleciderwitch

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Questions for Nico


What other franchise(s) would you like to see add an older woman as a playable character or protagonist

What kind of story would you love to play in a game that (as far as you know) has never been done before?

Do you think any games have achieved “timeless” status or is the medium still too young?

What we’re playing/reading/watching:

Nico: Overwatch, World of Warcraft, No Man’s Sky, Penny Dreadful

Tanya: Sims 4 with Dragon Age mods

David: Still just Starbound and Pokemon Go. I did watch Stranger Things recently tho.

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Twitter: @appleciderwitch


The Importance of Overwatches Newest Hero, Ana Amari

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August 3rd – UGRGaming to talk about streaming, Twitch, diversity in streaming and TwitchCon

August 10th – Nico Deyo to talk about Ana in Overwatch and their Paste Games article

August 17th – Jennifer Hepler to talk about the new book she edited, Women in Game Development: Breaking the Glass Level Cap, writing for games & more

August 24th – Guest TBD

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