Send us questions for upcoming episodes!

So we’ve got some great guests lined up for over the coming weeks! Send us questions for upcoming guests by @’ing us on twitter @OutOfTokensCast or emailing us

  • Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds (Recording 3/30/2016)
  • Mel Fleming of Bioware, talking about localization (Recording 4/6/2016)
  • Devs of We Are Chicago Game, to talk about the game, diversity and representation. (Recording 4/13/2016)
  • Eve Eschenbacher to talk about mental health and wellness in games, working in the industry (Recording 4/20/2016)
  • No Recording 4/27 due to Tanya traveling
  • Tzufit of Pop Culture Coven (Recording 5/4/2016)
  • Donna Prior of OrcaCon (Recording 5/8/2016)

Do you have suggestions for future guests? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do! We’re looking into getting 80 Days Meg Jayanth on, we’d love, love, love to get Sammus on to talk about Infusion. Once the Mass Effect Andromeda crew comes up for air, we’d love to get Manveer Heir on to discuss it & how being a Boss of Honor at GX Australia went for him.




Final 2015 Update before we take a break for the holidays

One last update post for y’all before we close out 2015. We’re not doing a GOTY episode this time around but we’ll plan on something for what we are looking forward to in 2016.

We’ve rescheduled with PyunPyun-Chan to early in January, and remaining episodes are to post are below.

Thank you to everyone who has made this first six months amazing! We’re looking forward to next year already.


Tanya & David

Current Episode as of this post:

We got Bri-Jacked by Brianna and Frank Wu

Prior to this post:

Future Episodes (already recorded):

  • Carolyn VanEseltine; air date 12/16
  • BrothaDom; air date 12/23
  • Jeremy Yoder; air date, 12/30
  • Rachel Kronick; air date

Future Guests:

  • PyunPyun Chan; recording early 2016

While you wait for new content, enjoy past episodes via Stitcher.