Great feedback on our Asexuality in games episode with @defira85!

Via fairerluminosity on tumblr: Can I please thank you from the bottom of my heart for your podcast with Kirsty about asexual representation in games? As an asexual gamer, I have felt so many of the things that you two talked about. Fresh Out Of Tokens is just so awesome. Please keep asking the controversial questions! There are people out there that finally have their voices heard because you haven’t been afraid to speak up. You’ve started a landslide and given confidence to a lot of people who will no longer accept less.

ICYMI this episode is here:

Navigating the Grey Areas of ACE Representation in Games with Defira85

And here’s some additional linkage via our friends over at FemHype:

Really wonderful discussion! Some reading for you, once you’re done listening:

  1. “Coming Up Aces: The need for Better Asexual Representation in Games
  2. Asexuality & Cole’s Humanity in the ‘Dragon Age’ Trespasser DLC

Let’s always, always make an effort to listen to the voices in this community who are directly affected by the representation (or lack thereof) found in games. 🙏

ICYMI @defira85 dropped by to navigate the Grey Areas of Ace representation in gaming this week!

Kirsty for FooT

Kirsty Connor joins us to talk about Asexuality in games, the lack of representation, what’s being done well and what isn’t. We’ve also got a lot of resources in the notes below.

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What are resources for people to learn more about Asexuality, especially if they are thinking they might be on the ACE spectrum?

Asexuality Visibility and Education Network (AVEN)


Coming Up Aces: The need for Better Asexual Representation in Games – FemHype 8/14/15


f Age – Huffington Post 08/22/2013

How to not do 101 on Asexuality, Sex Repulsion and Sexual Activity – The Ace Theist 02/18/2015

6 Actual Facts About What It Means To Be Asexual – 05/01/2015

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Kirsty: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Child of Light

Tanya: Ultra Street Fighter IV, DAI: The Descent DLC

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