ICYMI – Feminist gaming fight club with Amy Isaac

Amy picture for FOOT

We chatted with Amy about gender disparity in voice acting, queer indie games research, WoW Raid design and starting a feminist gaming club at her college among lots of things!

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We were featured in FemHype’s Sunday Loot on August 2nd! They had a piece every Sunday about a different topic or highlighting folks in the gaming space. We got a lovely write up along with our Brookago bro’s Spawn on Me, AppleCider Mage and Tzoefit on Justice Points, Anna Tarkov and Jessica Dennis from Unconsoleable, BTAPodcast Network, along with a few other podcasts we didn’t know about.

Question for Amy:

David had a question about the game Amy made: There’s a Bee in Here


What we’re playing:

  • Amy: Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, Transistor, Chibi-Robo, Alpha-Bear
  • Tanya: Witcher 3, Dragon Age Inquisition
  • David: Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Cookie Jam, Star Trek Online

Where to find our guest online:

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You can listen to the show at freshoutoftokens.simplecast.fm, email us at freshoutoftokens@gmail.com and follow us on twitter at @OutOfTokensCast.


The intro is from Magical Girls Can Trap by MGC.

The song at the end is Cold Like Metal (sinyk x juliustherobot) by MGC.

Both are from the album Magical Girls Run the World.