A surprise episode and an announcement!

It’s been a very long time since Out of Tokens did anything but hey, times change, motivation returns and other things. First off, the show is returning in 2019 but in a different format! We’ll be on Twitch instead of audio only and just bi-weekly instead of weekly. The show will be on twitch.tv/indg, exact day of the week is still being worked out as our EIC streams regularly on her own channel. Follow us on twitter for updates and announcementson the shows return!

Secondly, there’s a new episode for you all to enjoy. Not an interview, but audio from the PAX Unplugged panel that our EIC did on racism in TTRPG’s.

Not Having Racism In Your Campaign, Settings, Or Table – PAX Unplugged 2018

Audio of the PAX Unplugged panel I moderated about not having racism in your TTRPG settings, games or in your table.

Listen: https://simplecast.com/s/4fa54260

Download: https://dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/audio.simplecast.com/4fa54260.mp3

Tabletop is growing and expanding, and with it there’s an increased need for diversity at the table. Let’s talk frankly about why racism at the table shouldn’t be a thing you do as a GM or player. Also, let’s get real about racism in our settings and campaigns, talk about what we can do to stamp it out as much as possible in a land where elves, orcs, and dragons roam but racism seems to be a neverending boss battle.

Moderator: Tanya DePass ~ @cypheroftyr

Omari Akil ~ @OmariAkil
Adam Koebel ~ @skinnyghost
Nadja Otikor ~ @Trist_Chi
Carlos Luna ~ @CarlosCrits
Surena Marie ~ @SurenaXMarie
APoisal ~ @APoisal



Send us questions & comments for our 1 year anniversary episode!

Hey y’all,

Can you believe it’s nearly been a year since we first went on air? Neither can we! We are lucky and honored enough to have Sammus Music as our guest this week to help us celebrate our milestone.


So send in questions for ! She’s helping us celebrate our 1 year anniversary!! You can @ us at OutOfTokensCast on twitter, email us at freshoutoftokens@gmail.com or @ one of the hosts, @cypheroftyr or @RedConversation on twitter.

If you’ve been a guest, or have thoughts on this first year, drop us a note so we can share it when we record on Wednesday, June 8th with Sammus.

Here’s our episode roster in case you’re new to the show, or missed an episode over the last year.

  1. Prism Shells, Tres Witchers and E3 Predications – Chris Algoo
  2. Hip Hop Can help you Code, and #GamingLooksGood thanks to Shareef Jackson
  3. Games Critique As POC: Pitfalls, Perils & Perls of Wisdom – Austin Walker, Katherine Cross & Tauriq Moosa
  4. Brooklyn Gamery and #BlackGameDev for the Win – Catt Small, Chris Algoo and Dennis Liaw
  5. The Great Gita Escapade
  6. We had a @WickedGood time with Steve Lubitz
  7. Caelyn is a Gem
  8. We Go Back In the Crates of our Gaming Past & More with Lauren Warren from Black Girl Nerds
  9. Tiene dos languages en est podcast; we asked @Comosedicenerd, se habla geek?
  10. Get your #AltGames fix with Jason Vega
  11. Feminist Gaming Fight Club with Amy Isaac
  12. Ladies Night – AKA HAWKE FEELS!
  13. #SwordsOfSorrow and Magical Cupcakes with Mikki Kendall
  14. GX3 & Teaching Turing with Matt Conn and Toni Rocca
  15. Navigating the Grey Areas of ACE Representation in gaming & beyond with Defira85 – Kirsty Connor
  16. Interview with a Fennec Slayer, Allan Schumacher
  17. Die Nachtblume, Twine and Pitching Tips with Katriel Paige
  18. An Altus for All Seasons, on how Dorian came to be with David Gaider
  19. Night of the Living Memes, Academics and Political Gaming bodies with Megan Condis
  20. We’re running away to the Savage Empire with Tim Lewinson
  21. We Spun the Dialogue Wheel with ChachiBobinks and Andrew Baker!
  22. Let’s Get Brainy with Deborah Budding, aka @Nebula63
  23. We re-Spawned in #Brookago with Kahlief Adams & Cicero Holmes, our podcast fam from @SpawnOnMe
  24. Double the Wu, double the fun! We got Bri-jacked by @Spacekatgal & @TheFrankWu
  25. We got our Interactive Fiction fix with Carolyn VanEseltine
  26. Bonus episode! Battle of the F-Bombs with Anthony Burch
  27. We got it on with BrothaDom behind the mic about writing, diversity and his origin story
  28. We got our Theological Geek on with Jeremy Yoder of @GeekCrossShow
  29. We rolled a nat 20 with @NJWGames
  30. A conversation with @Thain1982 and @ABakerN7 (all white men have strong opinions on Star Trek)
  31. Sangfroid_San on #GamesSoWhite, Black women in gaming and games journalism – Sidney Fussell
  32. On Monstrous Women and overly equipped police in Games with @MaxxieBytes
  33. Tevinter Family Values with @BioFanOfficial
  34. Dudes, we had the Best Chat with Holly Brockwell about Gadgette and more! (Tauriq Moosa guest co-hosting)
  35. We hit all the right notes in our convo with Guild Wars 2 dev, Lena Chappelle
  36. We got Jimquisited!
  37. Josh Samuels ‘Arrived’ to chat with us about the Taino people, representation, Arrival Game & more!
  38. We went back to the arcade with @Sparklebliss about Coin Operated Americans, masculinity and games marketing changes over the years – Carly Kocurek
  39. We got our Seven hearty dreaNABIT’s in during our chat with Simply Undrea
  40. Martin Sahlin swung by to spin a yarn about Unravel game!
  41. We realized that gaming misses a lot even with eyes wide open thanks to @snarkbat – Elsa Sjunneson-Henry
  42. We got our dose of blerd goodness when Jamie Broadnax of @BlackGirlNerds dropped by!
  43. Localization, Devil Spit, and sailing with Bioware’s Mel Fleming
  44. Meet the devs that made We Are Chicago, hear about their process and journey to make this game. Cindy Miller, Michael Block & Guest Co-Host, Shareef Jackson
  45. We cast a temporal spell and landed at Midnight with Eve Eschenbacher
  46. Games Critique as POC re-release, Directors cut 😛 Austin Walker, Katherine Cross & Tauriq Moosa
  47. Pop Culture Covens and Hipster Holy Priestesses – Tzufit A.
  48. We Rolled a Critical Hit for tabletop Diversity with Donna Prior
  49. We’re so glad that Meg Jayanth is in the gaming industry
  50. Twitch, Bioware feels and fandom with LadyInsanity – Ashe Soriano


Re-edited episode of Games Critique as POC, Ep. #3



Original Shownotes:

Our fabulous guests! Katherine Cross, our dapper scholastic games critiquer extraordinaire whose work appears in Feministing and Gamasutra, next we have Tauriq Moosa, who loves the Witcher 3 while giving it a critical side eye, is wicked smart and writes for Polygon, Guardian, Daily Beast, Mary Sue, an and quite a few other places. Last but certainly not least, we have Austin Walker, who recently joined Giant Bomb, congrats on the newish gig! Apologies in advance for some audio issues. Technology turned on us mid-recording so there’s been some editorial finagling done to bring you this episode.


POC in gaming critique that people should be reading, listening to and hiring to write?

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ICYMI – Bonus Episode! Battle of the F-Bombs with Anthony Burch


We chatted with Anthony Burch about his #GX3 talk, diversity in AAA spaces, dug deep into some Borderlands lore for listener questions, and he convinced Tanya to re-up her Hulu sub for RocketJump.

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Image for this week’s episode taken from tweet posted by [tonitonirocca][7] from Anthony’s panel at GX3

This episode guest edited by Kahlief Adams of the Spawn On Me podcast

Questions for Anthony:

from @Thain1982:

  • What is the one game you think everyone should experience, and why?
  • Hey Anthony, whatcha reading?
  • Was Borderlands 2 made for Bronies, and am I an honorary Brony because I enjoyed it? (maybe explain context of that being a thing during your GX3 panel?)

from @Psi_Kat:

  • Handsome Jack is a polarizing figure in that so many people felt empathy for him, even going so far as to defend his actions. What was the thought process in creating such a nuanced villain that plays the gamer as much as the Vault Hunters?
  • I have heard conflicting things about Axton. I know that because of the reviving glitch that made him hit on male as well as female teammates he was then made bi in canon. But I have also heard that he was initially supposed to be written as gay, but gearbox decided not to. My question is: which came first?

from @jessicadennis: Tell us more about Ellie; how involved were you with her story, and how do you feel about the message of her character and story, particularly the Positive Body Image quest? What was the inspiration? Obviously it’s super unusual to have an obese character in a game other than to be the butt of stupid jokes, so it would be interesting to hear more about how Ellie came about.

Todd Harper’s Polygon article Anthony referenced in answering this question

What we’re playing/reading:

Anthony: Undertale

Tanya: Dragon Age Inquisition, AC Syndicate

Where to find your hosts online: