This week @decertatio joined us for a chat


Lee brings us the art of the long game plan, talks about diversity in conventions & more

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Questions for Lee:

@TimpoAdante: Given that your art spans multiple mediums, what is your favorite medium to work with?

Your portfolio is lovely. What are a couple of your own favorite pieces?

Are there any artistic trends in games that you’d like to see go away for a very long time?

What we’re playing/reading:

Lee: Tyranny, Pokemon Moon

Tanya: Watch Dogs 2, Mass Effect 2

David: Endless Sky

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @decertatio

The Bullshitters Of Avila: A D&D Broadcast

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Top ten @OutOfTokensCast episodes

One cool thing our hosting service does is give stats. So here’s our top ten episodes ever!


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Dudes, we had the best chat with Holly Brockwell about Gadgette and more!

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We Celebrated our one year Anniversary with Sammus Music ❤

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Hip Hop can Help you Code, and #GamingLooksGood thanks to Shareef Jackson



We’ve had a lot of @bioware devs on, past and present!

No new episode this week, so let’s review some of our past episodes! We’ve been lucky to have a bunch of Bioware devs on, both past and present.  So enjoy these episodes!

Interview with a Fennec Slayer, Allan Schumacher

Schumacher profile_picWe chatted with Bioware’s Allan Schumacher on what SDET actually means, diversity in the industry, what life is like on the QA side of the house and interacting with fans.



An Altus for All Seasons, on how Dorian Came to be with David Gaider

dave gaider


A long, fun conversation with Bioware’s David Gaider on how Dorian Pavus came to be the Altus we know and love, life as a lead writer, and a few trips around the meta rail.




Localization, Devil Spit and more with Bioware’s Mel Fleming

other option for Mel Episode


We spoke with Mel Fleming, Localization producer at Bioware about localization, Devil Spit, scotch, sailing and more when she spent some time with us this week.



Shattering Glass Level Caps, Dragon Age 2 and more with Jennifer Brandes Hepler

Jennifer Hepler  Jennifer Hepler joined us for talk about her games writing work, Dragon Age 2, Breaking the Glass Level Cap and more.