Teach them how to say goodbye…

Friends & listeners, we’ve got an announcement for you. Sadly, after 2 years and 95 episodes Tokens is fresh out. We’re calling it.It’s been hard to do a solo show and provide quality content you deserve. Podcasting is a lot of work, effort & time.So, with a heavy heart and a lot of thought out into it, EIC Tanya DePass is darkening the studio.

She’ll do one last episode of thanks, a look back and updates next week in the usual time slot. Thank you all so much Send in your favorite memories of the show, guests or a short note to be read in the farewell episode: freshoutoftokens@gmail.com It’s been amazing, getting to talk to so many wonderful folks over the last couple of years.

Episodes will stay up on Simplecast.fm at freshoutoftokens.simplecast.fm

Thank you all for two amazing years!