ICYMI – We had a great chat with @EightBitDylan

We finally had a chance to chat up Dylan Zaner, also known as 8BitDylan about that out stream life, creating an inclusive twitch community and more.


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Questions for Dylan

@GarrickWinter: What are some of the differences in how you experience games between streaming them and playing them alone?

And are there any kinds of games you stream but wouldn’t play alone, or play alone but wouldn’t stream?

@TimpoAdante: What’s one of your most unexpected challenges about streaming?

Do you have a favorite game to stream, or has there been a favorite moment when streaming?

What we’re playing/reading:

Dylan: (Off stream) The Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3/(reading) La Perdida

Tanya: Mass Effect 3, Herald

Where to find our guest online

Where to find your host online:

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