ICYMI – We chatted with @sousourocket about Akash Game and more this week!


Souha Al-Samkari, VP of Truant Pixels joins us to talk about Akash Game, Otome life, a bit of fanning out over Bioware games and more.

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Questions for Souha:

@ofclsarahjay: NO REALLY what is the most rewarding aspect of video game dev?

@Villpanh: What’s your role in making themes for truant pixel?

How do you come up with such beautiful and intricate designs?

What hobbies do you especially favor? Does anything inspire you?

What we’re playing/reading:

Souha: Final Fantasy XV, Mystic Messenger

Tanya: Mass Effect 3, ME3 MP

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @sousourocket


Akash Reveal Trailer [YT link]

Akash Game Tumblr


Where to find your host online:

Tanya D.@cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

Twitch: twitch.tv/cypheroftyr // twitch.tv/INeedDivGames

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