ICYMI @JBHepler came by to talk about Glass Level Caps, DA2, Women in Game Dev & more.

Jennifer Hepler

Jennifer Hepler joined us for talk about her games writing work, Dragon Age 2, Breaking the Glass Level Cap and more.

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Questions for Jennifer


Were you consciously interrogating terrorism in the construction of Anders?

Were you consciously interrogating the willingness of authorities to benefit from oppression? (e.g. Elthina)

Does the “resolution” to the Mage-Templar war in DAI fit your original intentions? (I’m fine w/a yes/no.)

Do you have any non-game prose work out there? If so, where?

@cynixy (Anna McGill)

Q: How are you so awesome?

Follow-up Q: How do you STAY so awesome?


Who was your favorite character to write for? Who was your favorite character that you didn’t write for?

What are you currently reading?

When writing characters, how do you find a voice for them? Do you look at designs for the character or do you read a description of them? What’s your technique for this?


What kind of good can games/interactive media be used for if we stop insisting that they “just” be games

What project are you proudest to have worked on?

What we’re playing/reading/watching:

Jennifer: Her Story, 1979 Revolution, (reading) Kate Elliot’s Black Wolves

Tanya: Sims 4 with Dragon Age Mods, Moon Hunters, Fossil Echo

David: Fallout Shelter

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @jbhepler

Women in Game Development: Breaking the Glass Level Cap [Buy on CRC Press]

Review of Women in Game Development on I Need Diverse Games

The Game Narrative Toolbox [Buy on Amazon]

Where to find your hosts online:

Tanya D.@cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

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