ICYMI – We had @GeekMelange stop in for a visit!

We discuss Uncanny & Unbelievable X-Factor of GeekMelange, along with representation or the lack of it, conventions and fire spinning among other things.

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Musical accompaniment for Fresh Out of Tokens is provided by Mike Moody. You can hear more of her work at: http://soundcloud.com/mikemoody-1

Questions for Michi:

@ShareefJackson: Asian American issues tend to be downplayed in national conversation. What can we do as allies to help give these issues the attention they need?

@GuerricHache: As a Filipina, how to do you navigate geek spaces where discussions and examples of “Asian” representation usually assume people of Japanese, Han Chinese, or Korean ancestry, while Filipinos specifically do not seem to feature prominently either in media or discussions of Asian representation?


What Star Wars character/storyline would make for an incredible video game?

When it comes to fire spinning, what’s on your bucket list? What would be a high spot in your career?


If the MCU ever actually decides to give us Miles Morales, who would your ideal fancast be?

What kind of venue do you like best for fire spinning?

What has been the best part of being an editor for Uncanny?

What we’re playing/reading/watching:

Michi: Superfight, Marrying Mr Darcy (card games), Reading: Heroine Complex, watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Wrecked

David: Pokemon Go, Fallout Shelter

Tanya: Pokemon Go, Fallout Shelter, Dragon Age Inquisition

Where to find our guest online:

Where to find your hosts online:

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