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The random musings of a 1973 Original


Ghostbusters is still haunted by negative racial tropes

What the movie got wrong

Opinion – By Tanya D.

I remember the original Ghostbusters movie. I was a teenager when it was released, and I saw it in the theater. It was fantastic for a little nerdling like me to see science and cool stuff and people who won through smarts rather than brute force.

Ernie Hudson’s Winston Zeddemore wasn’t a scientist. He wasn’t one of the smart guys who saved folks. That’s what bothered me when I saw the first film the most: seeing a black person on screen, but not seeing them be fully part of the story. We’ve gotten the same old tropes 30 years later, and it’s still a problem. This is why I’m not cheering the reboot with the same unbridled glee as other folks.


The original Ghostbusters wasn’t an anomaly in this…

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ICYMI – Ladies Night of no chill with @iamlaurenp & @Phunky_Brewster

Lauren, Shannon and Tanya get comfy for a girl’s night in to discuss gatekeeping, nerd social fallacies, being black women in nerd spaces, podcasting and more.


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Warning: Pokemon Go could be a Death Sentence if you’re a black man

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