ICYMI, We celebrated our one year anniversary with @sammusmusic!


Sammus the Rapper came through to talk about her music, being a black nerdy girl, the importance of representation in games & in other media. We had a wonderful, candid and amazing conversation to help celebrate our one year mark.

Listen on Fresh Out of Tokens // Download the MP3

TW: Racial slurs used when we discuss an article in the show, so there is a warning at that point, and if you want to fast forward, you should do so for your own comfort.

We have tees, and other items in the #INeedDiverseGames spreadshirt shop. We’re splitting the profits 50/50 with @Chachibobinks. There’s a blog to compliment the show outoftokenscast.com If you have questions, compliments, hate mail feel free to drop a note there as well. You can also @ us on twitter; @OutOfTokensCast or email us freshoutoftokens@gmail.com.

Musical accompaniment for Fresh Out of Tokens is provided by Mike Moody. You can hear more of her work at: http://soundcloud.com/mikemoody-1

Questions for Enongo:

From @Thain1982:

  • What has been your most memorable performance so far?
  • Your arm cannon is badass, but is it as heavy as it looks?
  • What would you want in a new Metroid game?
  • What software do you use to make your beats and loops?


“Nigger” and other words I learned while playing Overwatch – Top Shelf Gaming, Marcus Garrett

Why Sammus’ New EP Fusion is So Damned Important – Tanya

1 Year Anniversary notes from our listeners

@krageinsf /Juls:

Hello Tanya and David.

I just wanted to send a note about how much I love your show and how much it means to me, as someone who is NOT a gamer. I don’t play many of the games you talk about, but I started listening because of the INeedDiverseGames.

The content of your show is just superb. As a teacher, I am always looking for other sources of information to strengthen and improve my teaching/presentations. The wealth of knowledge shared by you (as hosts), your guests, and the other listeners of the show is amazing. I feel so lucky to have stumbled onto your podcast and listen in exchange for a few donations when I can scrape together the cash. (To other listeners, if you are able, PLEASE PLEASE DONATE!).

Although I am not a gamer, your show has helped me learn about pros, cons, and meh about some of the games my sister and her partner do play. There is a really great balance of enough detail that I can follow along when I watch her play, but not so overwhelming that I’m completely shut out of the discussion.

Thank you so much for your show.

Best, Juls


Tim (@thain1982)

I truly loved both times I got to be on Fresh Out of Tokens. I was a little nervous when I found out the episode with David and Andrew would be a free discussion, since that was my first time on any podcast, but we had a really fantastic conversation, and the Star Trek discussion we had was great fun.

Coming back to guest host the interview with BioFanOfficial was even more fun. Sharing all the Bioware feels was just fantastic, and I love that Tanya brings Bioware love up so much in the show in general.

I love the work y’all are doing, and getting to be a small part of it was a tremendous honor (and an absolute blast). Any time y’all need an emergency guest host, just say the word.

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @sammusmusic





Signal boosting her partner, LJ Alonge’s YA series; Blacktop

Book 1: http://bit.ly/blacktopjustin

Book 2: http://bit.ly/blacktoptjanae

Where to find your hosts online:


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