ICYMI – We spoke with @ladyinsanity about Twitch, Bioware feels, fandom & more

We discussed Twitch, Bioware feels, hopes for Mass Effect: Andromeda and what Ashe does in her limited spare time.

Ashe S

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Questions for Ashe:

Via @lasersushi:

Curious to know if you had any experience/tips for how to become a twitch partner in Europe (Germany) I’m sorry it’s super specific! Just so curious since most twitch partners here have lower figures than in NA.

In general terms, any tips for applying at twitch would be appreciated as well ❤

Via @Pringtella:

What’s your favorite BioWare romance and why?

What’s your favorite type of cheese?

Via @Thain1982:

Which Bioware franchise (past or present) has your favorite lore?

If you could bring a Bioware franchise back (or put it back in their hands), which one would it be?

Does your background in esports help or affect your work with Twitch in any way?

What we’re playing:

Ashe: Fallout 4 (Far Harbor), Star Wars: The Old Republic (Knights of the Fallen Empire)

Tanya: Uncharted 4, FenQuisitor

David: Fallout 4 (Far Harbor), Sword of the Stars

Where to find our guest online

Where to find your hosts online:

Tanya D.@cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

Twitch: twitch.tv/cypheroftyr // twitch.tv/INeedDivGames

Patreon: patreon.com/INeedDivGms // patreon.com/cypheroftyr

David L. Reeves@RedConversation

Twitch: twitch.tv/red_conversation

Patreon: patreon.com/redconversation

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