Burning Out: Self-Care Tips for Creative Minds


Dragon Age

“It’s easy to fall prey to the myth that a good creator is an unhealthy and haggard one. Nothing is further from the truth.” @Finickii

Before I started freelancing, I thought the career path sounded very glamourous. You make your own hours, work from wherever you want, and even decide which projects to take on. (Spoiler alert: it’s definitely not that easy.) As it turns out, you also have to be the one to motivate yourself to work, which can be particularly difficult when you’re struggling with intrusive thoughts and plenty of self-doubt. And when you’re freelancing as a journalist? It can be even harder to parse through all of the reactions to any piece you might publish.

Recently, I spoke at PAX East alongside a few super stellar women in the industry, and we touched on the subject of burnout a bit. Our panel, “How I Got Into Games Journalism,”…

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