ICYMI @WeRChicagoGame devs chatted with us!

We talked with Cindy Miller and Michael Block about making We Are Chicago, the challenges of making a game that portrays real issues of violence in the Windy City, especially as devs who are telling a story that’s not theirs.

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Questions for We Are Chicago team:


How important is visual accuracy (real-world correspondence) in creating “We Are Chicago”?

After working on this project, what elements do you consider most important for communicating a setting?

(as I’m leaving Chicago today): Deep dish or thin crust pizza?

What we’re playing:

Cindy: 1979 Revolution, Divinity: Original Sin, Banished, Firewatch, Star Fox 64

Michael: 1979 Revolution, Firewatch, That Dragon Cancer, Life Is Strange

Tanya: The Division, Street Fighter V, Resident Evil 6: HD Remaster, Man O’ War: Corsica

Shareef: Quantum Break, The Division, Enter the Gungeon, Twilight Princess

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Guest Co-Host: Shareef Jackson

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