ICYMI – We’re running away to the Savage Empire with @VancouverTim


We talked about Kickstarters, Savage Empire, comics & graphic novels, went back in the gaming crates and more with our guest Tim Lewinson

Listen on FreshOutOfTokens site or Download the MP3

We’re part of the Geeked.fm network along with Geeks in Sneaks, Chromatic Life and More than Bits. We have tees, and other items in the #INeedDiverseGames spreadshirt shop. We’re splitting the profits 50/50 with Chachibobinks. We’ve got a blog to compliment the show! Follow us at outoftokenscast.wordpress.com If you have questions, compliments, hate mail feel free to drop a note there as well.

Article: Kickstarter Legislation gets Precedent – Failed KS has to refund money and pay court fees

What we’re playing/reading:

Timothy: Metal Gear Solid V, Destiny: The Taken King, Witcher 3, Theme Hospital

Tanya: Dragon Age Inquisition: Trespasser, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

David: still Shadowrun Hong Kong, 12 hours, (Kiva’s twine game)

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @VancouverTim


Where to find your hosts online:


The intro is from Magical Girls Can Trap; the song at the end is Internet Kids.. Both are from the album Magical Girls Run the World by MGC.


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