ICYMI – We survived a night of living memes, and discussed academics, political gaming bodies & more with @megancondis

Night of the living Memes, Academics and Political gaming bodies with Megan Condis

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Megan Condis

We talked with Megan Condis about academics & research in regard to gaming, writing about games for Al Jazeera America, memes, and political gaming bodies. Listen to an interesting discussion on all these topics and more!

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Questions for Megan

From @thain1982 on Twitter:

  • What themes would you most like to see games explore?
  • •What themes are they least suited to explore?
  • •Are there any (alt)games that you feel handled a difficult theme well? (Papo Y Yo, Minority Media)



What we’re playing/reading:

  • Megan: Chime Sharp Demo, League of Legends, always
  • Tanya: Fallout Shelter
  • David: The Secret World, Shadowrun: Hong Kong,

Where to find our guest online

Where to find your hosts online:


The intro is from Magical Girls Can Trap by MGC.

The song at the end is Kawaii Streets by MGC.

Both are from the album Magical Girls Run the World.

You can listen to the show at freshoutoftokens.simplecast.fm, email us at freshoutoftokens@gmail.com and follow us on twitter at @OutOfTokensCast.

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