Repost- Guest updates etc

Have some more recent guest updates!

We’re booked through the end of 2015! We couldn’t have done this without your support. Thank you!

We’ll also be taking Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s weeks off recording. Please listen, rate and review! We’re on iTunes, Stitcher or nab the RSS link to add us to your favorite podcast listening app.

Current Episode as of this post:

An Altus for all seasons, on how Dorian came to be with David Gaider

Prior to this post:

Future Episodes (already recorded):

  • Megan Condis; air date 11/4
  • Timothy Lewinson; air date 11/11
  • Chachi Bobinks; air date 11/18
  • Deborah Budding; air date 11/25
  • Cicero Holmes & Kahlief Adams; Spawn on Me; air date 12/2
  • Carolyn VanEseltine; air date 12/9
  • BrothaDom; air date 12/19
  • Bonus episode: #TokenWhiteGuys – Air date TBA

Future Guests:

  • Veerender Jubbal; recording 11/4
  • Jeremy Yoder; recording 11/11
  • Brianna and Frank Wu; recording 11/17
  • Rachel Kronick; recording 12/2
  • PyunPyun Chan; recording 12/16

While you wait for new content, enjoy past episodes via Stitcher.


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