ICYMI – An Altus for all seasons, on how Dorian came to be with @davidgaider

dave gaider

An Altus for all seasons, on how Dorian came to be with David Gaider

A long, fun conversation with Bioware’s David Gaider on how Dorian Pavus came to be the Altus we know and love, life as a lead writer, and a few trips around the meta rail.

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Question for David G:

Tyler Pollock ‏@cyberpunkwarlok asked:

@davidgaider Who has the best butt in each Mass Effect and Dragon Age game? For example: Garrus in ME1, Bull in DAI etc etc.


What we’re playing:

  • David G: Arkham Knight, Crusader Kings 2, Pillars of Eternity
  • Tanya: MGSV, DAI Trespasser
  • David R: Star Wars: Uprising, Shadowrun: Hong Kong

Where to find our guest online

Twitter: @davidgaider

GDC 2013 – Sex In Videogames Panel

GaymerX2 – Meet David Gaider Panel 2014 YouTube 52 min

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An Altus for all seasons, on how Dorian came to be with David Gaider

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