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8 great gaming podcasts by and for women

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By Emma Boyle October 12, 2015
image via girl tribe gaming
Not long ago, we had a look at YouTube gaming channels run by women that we thought deserved your attention. Unfortunately we don’t always have the time to sit and watch YouTube videos, or even sit and actually play the games themselves. But why shouldn’t we be able to indulge one of our favourite hobbies on the go? That’s why we’ve put together a list of some gaming-related podcasts run by women and for women. For your commute, or in the office, or even just when you’re lying in bed before you drift off to sleep, these podcasts are interesting, witty, and most importantly, mad about gaming.

8)Bitch Team Alpha

image via bitch team alpha site
image via bitch team alpha site
Bitch Team Alpha is a network of podcasts started in 2014. Their bi-monthly gaming-specific podcast is called Heroine, hosted by Katey Lee with various guests. The podcast promises to be “all videogames all the time”, covering news, reviews, gaming events, and more complex topics such as race representation in gaming. This podcast has diversity of content on its side, and it’s always a good listen, with episodes usually running between 45 minutes and an hour and 45 minutes. The rest of the Bitch Team Alpha is also worth checking out, as their video game content has expanded into articles and reviews. If you want to broaden your listening to geek culture generally, with shows covering everything from smutty fanfiction, to comics, to pen and paper role playing games. All your nerdy bases are covered by these women.

7) The Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine’s Journey is a fairly new podcast, hosted by LC Brown. The Heroine’s Journey is all about women’s stories and female characters. It’s not limited to video games, covering books, TV, film, and comics, although pretty much every episode mentions at least one videogame or board game. The podcast aims to “broaden awareness of positive, interesting and complex portrayals of women in fiction, and of creators who are doing it right” and it’s just wonderful. The aim is to release 45-60 minute episodes bi-weekly, but LC has been ill lately so although the release time of the content isn’t as reliable, you can always guarantee it’s of a good quality.

6) Justice Points

image via patreon
image via patreon
Justice Points is one that you’ll have fun getting caught up to date with, considering it has over one hundred episodes. The aim of the podcast and its creators Tzufit and Apple Cider is to use “social justice and feminism to cut a swath across videogames.” Tzufit and Apple Cider are outspoken feminists who critique videogames with intelligence and humour, and their conversations are always great to listen to, because they’re able to look objectively at games that they love. Their latest cast that discusses the importance of acknowledging the emotions games make us feel is incredibly interesting and highly recommended. Unfortunately, Justice Points is planning to come to an end in December, which is massively disappointing, but we’ll enjoy listening to new episodes while we can.

5) Fresh Out of Tokens

image via Facebook
image via Facebook

Fresh Out of Tokens started in June of this year and it’s still going strong. The podcast is run by Tanya D. and David Reeves. Tanya D. is the women behind the hashtag and movement #INeedDiverseGames and now she’s turned her wave making attention to podcasts. Casts are released weekly and focus on “diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and feminism in gaming.” The best thing about this podcast being so new is that it’s easy for you to start from the beginning and get fully caught up. Episodes vary in length, usually running between and hour and an hour and 40 minutes.

If you love gaming but detest the console supremacy, Unconsoleable might just be for you. This podcast run by Anna Tarkov and Jessica Dennis is a show all about mobile games. Mobile gaming is a touchy subject amongst gamers, what with the frankly incomprehensible hate for “filthy casuals” that use their smartphones. Unconsoleable is of the opinion that you don’t need a console or a PC to be a gamer, and they want to bring an atmosphere of fun and accessibility to gaming, which is welcome, frankly. Every Wednesday you can hear Anna and Jessica’s news, reviews, and general gaming discussion.

3) Game On Girl

image via facebook
image via facebook
Game on Girl used to be a weekly show where hosts Regina McMenomy and Rhonda Oglesby would interview gamers, discuss games, gaming and game culture generally. Unfortunately they no longer do the weekly cast, although they do do monthly hangouts with their fans. It’s absolutely worth going back through the archives, which run all the way back to 2012, to listen to some of the weekly episodes because they’re fantastic.

2) Girl Tribe Gaming

image via girl tribe gaming
image via girl tribe gaming
If you’re an Xbox fan and you’re looking for your niche, Girl Tribe Gaming has your back. Zen and Jen run the show, which focuses on Xbox, mobile gaming, and plenty of other geeky topics. Girl Tribe Gaming isn’t only a podcast, it has its own forum that aims to provide a hostile-free zone where female gamers (or male gamers) can discuss the things in games that are important to them in an open and positive environment.

1) Not Your Mama’s Gamer

image via facebook
image via facebook
Not Your Mama’s Gamer is a website dedicated to unpackaging our favourite games from a feminist perspective, encouraging scholarly critique of the industry and its products. So it only makes sense that they have a podcast as well as articles. The podcast is biweekly and usually runs between an hour and a half to two hours in length. Content is always interesting and often very funny, with intelligent and wonderful guests for interview and discussion contribution. We loved episode 106 which interviewed voice actress Ashly Burch and talked all things Life is Strange, Adventure Time, voice acting, writing, and representations of mental illness in video games.

Main Image via Girl Tribe Gaming


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