Date Night with the @DialogueWheel #38: Fresh Out of Tokens Podcast

We got a chance to hang out with the fine folks of the Dialogue Wheel podcast and talk about @outoftokenscast!

Published on Sep 5, 2015

Welcome to Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel episode 38, wherein we kick back with Tanya (@cyperoftyr) and David (@RedConversation) from the Fresh Out of Tokens podcast. 

FOoT Podcast Page:
Tanya’s Patreon:
David’s Patreon:

Tonight’s cast includes Chachi (@ChachiBobinks) & our PA, Andrew (@abakern7).

We totally ship this conversation. 

The Dialogue Wheel theme song is “Please Mind the Dubstep” by Bitbasic. Channel art by Chachi. All other Dragon Age-related information is property of @BioWare.


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