Stats, we all like stats right? Ok, maybe just us ^__^

Have some updated show stats before our newest episode drops today.

Overall stats

Overall show stats of this morning August 26th, 2015

Last 3 weeks of Listens

Last three weeks of listens! 1,315!! Thank you so much ❤

Actual Top Ten

Top Ten episodes (which is a little misleading since we only have 8 published)


Latest 10 episode stats (which is a also a little misleading)

Listening Methods 08262015

How you’re listening to us!

Where youre at

Where some of you are at! We’ve also got listeners in places such as Venezuela, South Africa, Romania, Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Rhodesia, Estonia, Malaysia, Japan, and many other countries!

Thank you so much for checking us out! So if you listened and like what you’ve heard, please review us on iTunes, Stitcher, send us email at or @ us on twitter; @OutOfTokensCast


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