Upcoming episodes & Guests!

We’ve got some great episodes coming to Fresh Out Of Tokens Cast! But first a review 😀

Past Episodes

This week’s episode:

Caelyn is a Gem

Future Episodes (already recorded):

  • Lauren Warren of Black Girl Nerds; air date 8/19
  • Sylvia Monreal; comosedicenerd; air date 8/26
  • Jason Vega; #AltGames; air date 9/5
  • Amy Isaac, @muinil; air date 9/12
  • Ladies Night: AKA Hawke Feels; air date 9/19
  • Mikki Kendall; #SwordsOfSorrow; air date 9/26

Future Guests:

  • Matt Conn & Toni Rocca; GaymerX
  • Katriel Paige
  • Megan Condis
  • Allan Schumacher
  • Timothy Lewinson
  • David Gaider
  • Chachi Bobinks

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