Sunday Loot: Diverse Gaming Podcasts You Need to Plug Into

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Happy Sunday, friends! It’s time to grab that cup of tea and settle in for another super special #SundayLoot unboxing. Every week, we curate a list of the talented folks working hard to create safer, more positive spaces for gamers (and geeks!) like us. We feel very strongly that it’s important to boost the voices of smaller teams because it introduces you to fun, inclusive communities where you can make new friends and find support from like-minded gamers.

So far, we’ve introduced you to friendly, inclusive Let’s Players, blogs/groups with a gaming focus led by women, and a lineup of super talented geek artists looking for your commissions! This time around, we’re honing in on the podcasts that discuss accessibility, diversity, feminism, and all things having to do with video games. We feel that these are truly exceptional spaces with content that always challenges our way of looking at the gaming industry, and…

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