Sunday Loot: Diverse Gaming Podcasts You Need to Plug Into

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Happy Sunday, friends! It’s time to grab that cup of tea and settle in for another super special #SundayLoot unboxing. Every week, we curate a list of the talented folks working hard to create safer, more positive spaces for gamers (and geeks!) like us. We feel very strongly that it’s important to boost the voices of smaller teams because it introduces you to fun, inclusive communities where you can make new friends and find support from like-minded gamers.

So far, we’ve introduced you to friendly, inclusive Let’s Players, blogs/groups with a gaming focus led by women, and a lineup of super talented geek artists looking for your commissions! This time around, we’re honing in on the podcasts that discuss accessibility, diversity, feminism, and all things having to do with video games. We feel that these are truly exceptional spaces with content that always challenges our way of looking at the gaming industry, and…

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Games Critique as POC; pitfalls, perils and pearls of wisdom


Our fabulous guests! Katherine Cross, our dapper scholastic games critiquer extraordinaire whose work appears in Feministing and Gamasutra, next we have Tauriq Moosa, who loves the Witcher 3 while giving it a critical side eye, is wicked smart and writes for Polygon, Guardian, Daily Beast, Mary Sue, an and quite a few other places. Last but certainly not least, we have Austin Walker, who recently joined Giant Bomb, congrats on the newish gig! Apologies in advance for some audio issues. Technology turned on us mid-recording so there’s been some editorial finagling done to bring you this episode.


Colorblind: On The Witcher 3, Rust,and Gaming’s Race Problem – Tauriq in Polygon

More On Race, More on Witcher and how to Move Forward – Austin, Giant Bomb

Witcher 3, Race and Histriocity – Austin, Giant Bomb

Opinion: Finding Meaning in Darkest Dungeon’s Narrative Design – Katherine Cross, Gamasutra

GDC 2015 #1 Reason to Be – Katherine Cross

Rust Dev Blog on randomly Assigned race in Rust – Garry Newman

Rust Game – Penis size randomly assigned, tied to your Steam Profile – Nerdist NSFW

POC in gaming critique that people should be reading, listening to and hiring to write?

Gita Jackson (Paste Games & Match 3 Podcast)

Evan Narcisse (Kotaku)

Sidney Fussel (@Sangfroid_San/

Patricia Hernandez (Kotaku)

Shareef Jackson #GamingLooksGood (Youtube, Twitch, Twitter)

Spawn On Me (Cicero Holmes & Kahlief Adams)

Leigh Alexander (Offworld)

Imran Khan (Paste)

Mike Williams (US Gamer)

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Our First Episode! Prism Shells, Tres Witchers and E3 with @chrisalgoo

10 June 2015

Prism Shells, Tres Witchers and E3 predications!

Welcome to the first episode of Fresh Out of Tokens!

A little about the show: so we’ve been sitting on doing a podcast for a whole and decided to run with it. The title actually came to about due to a comment when I was on Justice Points earlier in the year. I made a crack about tokens belonging in the arcade, and when I was trying to think of a name for the show fresh out of tokens came to me.

We’ll bring you a new show every other week, sometimes with a guest sometimes not depending on how things shake out. Since this is the first episode, please feel free to give feedback, topic ideas or if you want to come and hang with me let me know at or on twitter at @OutOfTokensCast.

**Gaming news:** Colorblind: On Witcher 3, Rust, and gaming’s race problem

Luke Maciak on the Witcher 3:

Patricia Hernandez – How Video Game Breasts are Made, and How they Can go Wrong

E3 – thoughts, predictions, anything you are excited for?

Brooklyn Gamery

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