YAY! Our First Fanmail!!! Thank you @cyberpunkwarlok <3

first fanmailOur latest episode with Comosedicenerd has gotten us our first fanmail! WOOOO!  Transcription below in case that is too small to read:


Hello! I just wanted to say that I really loved your discussion on Dragon Age and the Hawke Immigration piece! I was really pleased that other people put as much personal stuff onto their Hawkes/Inquisitors as I do. I’ve had issues with masculinity in general and as a queer man, something that playing Mass Effect and Dragon Age have helped me with. I just wanted to say that I really loved this episode and I think that Fresh Out of Tokens is really fantastic and you all are doing great work and through this podcast I’ve been introduced to great people in the industry. (Also, if you do ever get the urge to do a Dragon Age feels podcast, I would be glad to lend my voice!)

Thank you so much for everything you guys are doing!

Stats, we all like stats right? Ok, maybe just us ^__^

Have some updated show stats before our newest episode drops today.

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Overall show stats of this morning August 26th, 2015

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Last three weeks of listens! 1,315!! Thank you so much ❤

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Where some of you are at! We’ve also got listeners in places such as Venezuela, South Africa, Romania, Ireland, Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Rhodesia, Estonia, Malaysia, Japan, and many other countries!

Thank you so much for checking us out! So if you listened and like what you’ve heard, please review us on iTunes, Stitcher, send us email at freshoutoftokens@gmail.com or @ us on twitter; @OutOfTokensCast

6 Gaming Podcasts by and For Women on @autostraddle – @OutOfTokensCast is mentioned!

This lovely article on Autostraddle by @sportsmyballs mentions our show! Here’s the intro and the wonderful write up of Fresh Out Of Tokens:

So, quick confession: I don’t like music. At least, I never think about listening to music. Unfortunately, I also hate silence. My best work environment is a crowded cafe. I’m lulled to sleep by city sounds, and maybe some Gilmore Girls in the background. One day I asked my roommate, who is also not a music fan, what she listens to while running. That is when the Sound Cherubs descended from the Heavens and brought The Podcast to my attention. (Apparently people have been listening to these for years but I was too busy bonding with my XBox to know.) Immediately I went in search of gaming podcasts by women. There’s a sense of peace and joy when I find the intersection of two of my nerdy hobbies. It’s a kind of validation. Look! At least one other person likes two of the same things I like! Such was the case when I discovered the “gaming podcast.” Being a gay woman-identified gamer often means finding almost nothing made for me on the usual internet sites. I have to dig for it.

I present the result of my journey to you.

Fresh Out of Tokens

The newest podcast on this list is already amazing and they’re only on Episode 3. Fresh Out of Tokens is run by Tanya D. and David Reeves. Do you all know who Tanya D. is? You should! She’s amazing, I’m a huge fangirl of hers, and she’s making waves in the gaming community. Way before the start of this podcast she created the hashtag, tumblr and movement known as #INeedDiverseGames. Now she’s gotten around to making a podcast and I love it. It is weekly, and focuses on “diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and feminism in gaming.” Definitely start at the beginning with this one. That way you can be one of the cool kids and when they get to Episode 100 you can say you’ve been there since the beginning.

Also mentioned are some of our favorite podcasting fam!

Heroine’s Journey

The Heroine’s Journey is one of the newer podcasts on this list. I first heard the creator, LC Brown, on the Gamers With Jobs show. GWJ is normally a bunch of dudes, with occasional woman-identified guests. HJCast is absolutely spectacular so far. It’s not strictly gaming, though almost every episode brings up at least one video or tabletop game. The focus of HJ is women in popular culture. It’s almost weekly — she’s missed a couple here and there — and she always has great guests. If you’re a fan of geeky tv and comic books as well as gaming, I highly recommend this one. LC is super nice too and hosts chats with her Patreon supporters. Absolute favorite so far was Episode #11: Metroid, with special guest rapper SAMMUS, a.k.a. Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo.


Unconsoleable (which, great title) is a fairly unique addition to the gaming podcast world. Anna Tarkov and Jessica Dennis run a show all about mobile games. Well, they talk about some other cool stuff too, but most of my interest is in the thumb sports. For years I’ve been arguing that cell phones are the best way to convert people to gaming, and Unconsolable gets it! You don’t need fancy equipment to be a gamer, there are great free mobile games available right now on your cellular device! These two gamers are also great to their fans and love including them in the conversations. Start with Episode #36, “Stop Making Trash Games.”

Justice Points

Justice Points has been around for a while, with over a hundred episodes: “using social justice and feminism to cut a swath across video games.” JP is run by Tzufit and Apple Cider. They are both outspoken feminists who aren’t afraid to critique the games they love the most. Their critical discussions of geek culture have really helped inform a lot of my own opinions over the last few years. They also offer over thirty of their episodes as typed transcripts for the hearing impaired. I suggest starting with “#101 Waxing Nostalgic,” in which they chat with the ever-amazing Cara Ellison about sex in video games and the transition from gaming journalism to game development.

We go back in the crates of our gaming past & more with Lauren Warren from Black Girl Nerds

Lauren Warren

Lauren Warren of Black Girl Nerds talked with us about gaming, diversity, old school games we loved, projects she’s working on to help spread diversity in the gaming space; and more.

We’re part of the Geeked.fm network along with Geeks with Sneaks, Chromatic Life and More than Bits.

We’ve got a blog to compliment the show! Follow us at outoftokenscast.wordpress.com If you have questions, compliments, hate mail feel free to drop a note there as well. Don’t forget about the Fresh Out of Tokens section on the #INeedDiverseGames spreadshirt shop! Logo designed by @ChachiBobinks!

Question for Lauren:

Chicovia on twitter: @OutOfTokensCast @iamlaurenp ask her why she hates ps4 so much 😂😂😂

What we’re playing:

Lauren: Halo Reach, Dying Light, GTA V

Tanya: Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat X

David: Morrowind

Where to find our guest online:

Twitter: @iamlaurenp



Twitch! denizenoflossantos

Where to find your hosts online:

Tanya D. – @cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

Twitch: twitch.tv/cypheroftyr // twitch.tv/INeedDivGames

Patreon: patreon.com/INeedDiverseGames

David L. Reeves@RedConversation

Twitch: twitch.tv/red_conversation

Patreon: patreon.com/redconversation

Upcoming episodes & Guests!

We’ve got some great episodes coming to Fresh Out Of Tokens Cast! But first a review 😀

Past Episodes

This week’s episode:

Caelyn is a Gem

Future Episodes (already recorded):

  • Lauren Warren of Black Girl Nerds; air date 8/19
  • Sylvia Monreal; comosedicenerd; air date 8/26
  • Jason Vega; #AltGames; air date 9/5
  • Amy Isaac, @muinil; air date 9/12
  • Ladies Night: AKA Hawke Feels; air date 9/19
  • Mikki Kendall; #SwordsOfSorrow; air date 9/26

Future Guests:

  • Matt Conn & Toni Rocca; GaymerX
  • Katriel Paige
  • Megan Condis
  • Allan Schumacher
  • Timothy Lewinson
  • David Gaider
  • Chachi Bobinks

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ICYMI earlier – Caelyn is a Gem Episode #7 w/@inurashii

Caelyn is a Gem


Question for Caelyn:

From @KivaBay: Would you rather be attacked by a hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck.

What we’re playing:

Caelyn: Fantasy Life, Salt, Ingress

Tanya: Witcher 3

David: Shadowrun: Dragonfall, Morrowind

Where to find our guest online:

Twitter: @Inurashii

Games: http://inurashii.xyz/

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/inurashii?ty=h

Blog: http://inurashii.xyz/category/blog/

AlterConf Boston 2014 – Rise of the Diary Game

Choice of Games

Where to find your hosts online:

Tanya D. – @cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

Twitch: twitch.tv/cypheroftyr // twitch.tv/INeedDivGames

Patreon: patreon.com/INeedDiverseGames

David L. ReevesPatreon , @RedConversation, twitch

A couple of announcements ICYMI on @OutOfTokensCast twitter

Hi all,

A couple quick announcements in case you missed them.

One – As of last weeks episode with Steve Lubitz, the show is now going weekly! We were recording episodes faster than they were going up and have a nice cushion of content to go up while we record with more awesome guests!

Two – Supporters of the #INeedDiverseGames Patreon will get the episode early! We’re experimenting with giving supporters this content as a thank you for your support of diverse gaming and this podcast.

Three – We really, really love feedback and reviews! Especially ones we could read on-air. So if you listened and like what you’ve heard, please review us on iTunes, Stitcher, send us email at freshoutoftokens@gmail.com or @ us on twitter; @OutOfTokensCast

ICYMI – We had a @WickedGood time with Steve Lubitz on this week’s episode of Fresh Out of Tokens

Steve LubitzWe were joined by Steve Lubitz for a WickedGood time talking about parenting as a gamer, Judaism and religion in games, what we’re playing and more.

Listen on Simplecast.fm //Download MP3 (44.7 MB) // Listen on iTunes or Stitcher

Question for Steve:

Tauriq Moosa – via Twitter Why do you want to ban games Steve?

What we’re playing:

Steve: Hearthstone, Final Fantasy 7

Tanya: Witcher 3, Mass Effect, Bioshock Infinite

David: Adventurer Manager, Papo & Yo, Shadowrun: Dragonfall

Where to find your hosts online:

Tanya D.: @cypheroftyr // @INeedDivGms

Twitch: twitch.tv/cypheroftyr // twitch.tv/INeedDivGms

INeedDiverseGame Patreon

David L. Reeves: @RedConversation //David on Patreon

Twitch: Red_Conversation

Sunday Loot: Diverse Gaming Podcasts You Need to Plug Into

Thank you so much for the shout out @Femhype!


Remember Me

Happy Sunday, friends! It’s time to grab that cup of tea and settle in for another super special #SundayLoot unboxing. Every week, we curate a list of the talented folks working hard to create safer, more positive spaces for gamers (and geeks!) like us. We feel very strongly that it’s important to boost the voices of smaller teams because it introduces you to fun, inclusive communities where you can make new friends and find support from like-minded gamers.

So far, we’ve introduced you to friendly, inclusive Let’s Players, blogs/groups with a gaming focus led by women, and a lineup of super talented geek artists looking for your commissions! This time around, we’re honing in on the podcasts that discuss accessibility, diversity, feminism, and all things having to do with video games. We feel that these are truly exceptional spaces with content that always challenges our way of looking at the gaming industry, and…

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